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  • Kehagia 10 & Miaouli, Postal Code 18233, Ag. I. Rentis, Piraeus
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Introducing a novel range of kitchen and bathroom faucets to the Greek market, Modea draws on 50 years of accumulated experience, expertise, and research. Established by Viospiral, Modea places a premium on investing in top-grade hydraulic materials that not only respect the environment but also meet the needs of modern households.


Components renowned for their exceptional durability and quality


The end-user assurance from Modea Rubinetteria

by Viospiral Hellas

The hallmark of Viospiral on pivotal product components


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Modea Rubinetteria has solidified its standing as a premier European manufacturer, actively striving for acknowledgment in both the Greek and global markets. Our vision is grounded in investing in state-of-the-art technologies, ongoing innovation, creativity, and a deep comprehension of contemporary needs. These principles shine through in every product we deliver, each reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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#WaterSaving Tips: Εξοικονόμηση νερού στην κουζίνα
#WaterSaving Tips: Kitchen Water Conservation

Are you aware of the manifold environmental benefits of water conservation, which also correlates with reducing electricity costs? In combination with the gradual increase in temperatures due to climate change, adopting the philosophy of #watersaving in our daily routines has become essential. By starting with small household habits, we can lay the groundwork for significant […]

Η ευκολία στην εγκατάσταση ονομάζεται Modea Easy Fix
Modea Easy Fix refers to the simplicity of installation!

Ergonomics stands as a cornerstone in Modea’s philosophy. Our product designs are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into any home, elevating the aesthetic appeal of the space. In addition to this guiding principle, we uphold another principle that sets Modea faucets apart: effortless installation and removal. The complexity often associated with installing plumbing fixtures can […]

H Viospiral στην Climatherm Energy 2024
Viospiral at Climatherm Energy 2024

Modea is delighted to announce Viospiral’s participation in Climatherm Energy 2024. Once again, Viospiral will be partaking in Greece’s premier international energy exhibition, showcasing its extensive range of product lines and innovative developments. With a steadfast commitment to conserving water and natural resources, and a keen focus on understanding evolving consumer demands, Viospiral has been […]